An Overnight Attack

For Better or For Worse is a long-running comic that chronicles the lives of a (Canadian) family over the span of a generation. I remember reading these comics in the paper almost every day while growing up, and the strip has long been a favourite for my mother who happens to have a lot in common with the main character. Today's strip is a continuation of a theme where Elly, the woman on the left, is worried about the wrinkles and grey hairs that seemed to have spontaneously appeared:

For Better or For Worse

This seems to be a common topic of discussion when meeting with friends who are around the same age, as we're all starting to show signs of being born at a time when disco was still being played on the radio. All in all, I don't mind the wrinkles and grey hairs that appear over time. My concerns are focused more on what we can't see on the outside. Weakening muscles, reduced eyesight, stiff joints, and the other signs that maybe it's time to slow down. I really don't mind if people think I look ready to retire so long as I don't have to feel like I should get ready to retire.