Recommended Podcast: Levar Burton Reads

Levar Burton Reads — Banner

Over the last few weeks I've been looking for some new podcasts that focus on the art of storytelling and stumbled upon Levar Burton's new show, Levar Burton Reads. Mr. Burton is famous for his role in Star Trek but he's also well known for his passion and advocacy of literacy. I remember when my siblings were much younger, we'd have the TV on PBS and every afternoon Reading Rainbow would come on and we'd see Levar showcasing a book and telling a story. While I didn't need any encouragement to pick up a book and read, there are many who fell in love with reading because of the children's show.

Levar Burton's podcast doesn't cater towards a younger audience, though it would likely be enjoyable for people of all ages who genuinely enjoy stories. In every episode, a short story is chosen and read to the audience. On each side of the reading, we hear what the story means to Levar and we're encouraged to really think about it as well. It's a wonderful listen.

There are 12 episodes as of this moment, and a new one comes out every week. If you enjoy stories, I highly recommend you give it a try.