Evernote on iOS7 Needs Some Work

Apple today released the seventh version of their mobile operating system, iOS. All in all the upgrade went without a hitch, and I was gleefully swiping around the screens like a n00b less than 25 minutes after clicking the "Download" button. A lot of the applications that I use on a regular basis have been updated for the new design aesthetic of iOS7, and design is certainly the key focus a lot of developers have when it comes to putting out new versions. I couldn't be happier. That said,t here is one app that seems to have consistently gone from good to bad to worse over the course of three years: Evernote.

The Latest Evernote in iOS7

Evernote in iOS7 is not really usable when in portrait mode. This is going to cause some issues when I try to write ridiculously long blog posts. Heck, one of the reasons 10Centuries was made was so that I could write long blog posts in Evernote on my iDevice1 and have them appear automagically on my personal site without having to go through some other text editor.

I hope there will be a way to hide the formatting bar as well as the unnecessary "New Note" header in the near future. Unfortunately, looking at the amount of eye candy that's been consistently added to Evernote over the last few releases, I don't think this is going to happen.