For Our Next Purchanse How About ...


My All New Used Daihatsu Move

Yes, it's been years in the making, but the Mrs. and I have finally decided it was time to purchase our own vehicle.  I guess this means that we'll be staying in Japan for the foreseeable future as this is also the first non-portable asset we've purchased since getting married.

It's true that we were looking at buying a car last year; the Mazda Atenza in particular, but after witnessing just how little drivers north of Shizuoka pay attention to their surroundings, we decided that it would be better to buy something that is semi-disposable.  This is why we decided to buy a good, used Kei rather than a really nice, new white plate.

As for the price ... we did spend about 150,000円 more than we had planned, but the purple paint job and excessive number of adjectives in the model name forced our hand.  Seriously ... how easy should it be to get a Special Limited Edition Daihatsu Move in Pearl Purple?  We take delivery on August 1st and are looking forward to our first road trip.

Here are some more pictures if you've ever wondered what a purple Daihatsu Move looks like from different angles:

Daihatsu Move -- Passenger FrontDaihatsu Move -- Passenger RearDaihatsu Move -- Driver RearDaihatsu Move -- Special Edition Rims

Now for the next financial hurdle ... kids.