In Japan

This is the 300th post, and it's also the first post since officially moving to Japan.

The weather is pretty good, so far.  30+ degrees celcius and 400% humidity. I'm excited to see my first typhoon, even though it's far enough away that we'll just see the edge of it, and I look forward to the challenges that this country will bring.

Reiko and I met up at the Mietetsu Gifu station shortly after 10 pm local, and went for dinner afterwards. After such a long and tiring trip it was good to see her smiling face and hold her hand again. Hopefully we never need to use the webcams with MSN as our primary communication tool ever again. Technology is a wonderful thing, but nothing beats seeing someone with your own eyes.

Aside from the stress of being refused boarding to Tokyo, the incredible legwork done by Reiko and myself in order to keep the trip going, the unexpected night in Portland, and the total loss of my luggage, the flights were alright. Having had an emergency door seat for the long flight to Narita, the leg space was quite enjoyable.

I'll write more later … right now my head isn't really working. Such is the trouble with jet-lag and the lack of coffee :P