Christmas in Japan

Although it's a little late, I'm now making the plans to visit Japan this coming Christmas! Sure, it's been verbally planned since May. But now it's being put into action.

Why the delay? Well, I'm an idiot, for one.

This will likely be the most exciting Christmas I've had in … well … forever. This will be my second time off the continent, and my second time to Japan. This will be my first Christmas with Reiko, though.

It's almost hard to believe that Reiko and I have been seeing each other for a year. We started talking on Chinese New Year (January 29, 2006) and have chatted every day since. In this time, we've shared over a thousand emails, several dozen phone conversations, and countless hours on MSN Messenger. It's helped make the 7380 km between us not seem so large a number.

Hopefully I'll have a really nice camera with me, this time. I'll be able to post some really great shots of winter in Japan, and Reiko in a kimono. I'll try to take pictures of some of the foods there, too.

Last time, I managed to take 699 pictures while in Japan. This visit will last two days longer (13 days in Japan total), and I'll be bringing a really nice Canon. It should be much easier to shoot 1,000.

Of course one of the down-sides is that Reiko will need to work some of the days that I'll be in Japan. This won't be an issue, though. I'll attend her school (if I'm permitted) and get to see the great Reiko-sensei in action. I'm sure I'll even learn a few things about how to handle multiple kids in a classroom.

Who knows … maybe one day I'll be Jason-sensei …